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Well here we go! the very first blog entryy, pretty exciiting stuff..

A bit about myself, well I’m an Australian. Currently aged at 21..
and I won’t lie! at the moment there are a few things in my life that
are whack and out of place, money, relationships, health and all the rest..
but I think too many people (including myself) sit back all the time and don’t
actually get around to fixing these problems. This is my own personal blog,
this is the tool I will be using over the next few years to take a look at myself
and see how far I’ve come and how much more of a better person I’ve turned into.

If there is value to be found in my blog then I’m happy to share it. The only rules
I (currently) have on my blog is to remain as honest with myself as possible..

what that means is that I’m not going to be preaching some text book advice I’ve
discovered just because it sounds good but rather because it is something which
is at my core and has been internalized. This blog to me is about being real, and
sharing a real personal development with others.

All the best to everyone else out there, have a happy 2011 🙂