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I’ve been studying Brian Tracy’s self help program called no excuses which is all about developing self discipline.
During the first 30 minutes of the program it outlines to set some goals for where you want to be at the ultimate end game in life..

The only problem for me is that I needed to be thinking about my current situation and the pre-requisites I need before I hit that
end game.. so for the passed 3 days I’ve been doing Brian tracy’s other program called The maximum achievement – goal planner
The purpose is to develop clarity in your vision and align you were you need to be. The program goes for exactly 31 days where each day you outline your major goal and then and then at least 3 things your going to do during the day to move you closer toward it.

After 31 days your goal planning is meant to turn into a habit and your ability to move toward your goals along with it.

Here is a list of my goals for 2011

I will make 40k this year and save all of it for investments

  • Receive white-card for construction
  • To develop a self-discipline and the mind sets involved with saving money
  • To earn at least $300 per week
  • To save at least $200 per week
  • To begin creating alternative sources of income
  • Read Rich dad poor dad
  • Read the richest man in babylon
  • Read Harv Eker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Read Robert RingerTim Ferriss – 4 hour Work Week

To begin mastering my emotions so that the way I am behaving in the short-term is congruent with the vision I have of myself in the long term and continuously disciplining myself to not act in any other way:

  • To keep my mind present with my surroundings
  • To contribute value into peoples lives each and every day
  • To stop seeking the approval of others and maintain the approval of myself
  • To be more emotionally reciprocating and open toward other peopleTo be more understanding toward other peoples emotions and situations
  • to internalize and work through conflicts
  • Readiness to provide emotional support
  • Develop sensitivity to others feelings
  • To always look for the positive in other people
  • To stop holding grudges and begin adopting the mind set of letting bygones be bygones
  • To stop regretting the past and begin living in the present, looking to the future
  • “Learn “Anthony Robbins – Ultimate Relationship Program”

I will develop the core of self efficiency/mastery skills for my own personal effectiveness things like setting Goals, Being Productive, Organizing my Time- management, my motivation, self- discipline, overcoming procrastination, developing positive habits, organizing, problem- solving, decision- making, intelligence

  • To be 30% more active in each day compared to my average passive days
  • To practice the art of self-discipline and use my emotional intelligence to help me overcome any forms of resistance
  • To finish at least 5 action-steps each day and set new goals
  • To organize all of my life and work as needed
  • To practice being decisive
  • To finish Eban Pagan’s Wake up Productive
  • To work on problems around the house and develop positive solutions
  • To finish the program getting things done
  • To work on my time management skills
  • To read motivational quotes within each day