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I was looking at my desktop today thinking.. damnn that shit is spanking clean
, not even one out of place Icon and it’s weird, cuz trust me in the passed I had
shit everywhere and my use of ‘effective’ time consisted of jumping between
Youtube and Facebook so taking a look at the difference between now and then
is pretty important in logging my differences:


World of warcraft

Yes I’ll admit it, I had a secret dark obsession.. when no one knew
me as I was in real life I would come home and play world of warcraft
with my character Exoticbowjob although this days are gone – I can
never get back the hours worth of productivity I lost playing this game


Besides having over 300 bookmarked paged (which I’d never visit)
I used to have 8+ browser windows open at any given time.. I used
to think that I’d be more effective at browsing if I viewed other stuff
while the pages loaded or something.. Anyway, now at most I have
4 browser tabs open in Google Chrome and only 10 bookmarks
which I visit frequently.



When it comes to Facebook I used to be the biggest status slut, now I mean I’d be on there
updating my status every few days, commenting on other peoples status
and just waiting till that notification hit 1, I loved the social interactions
and I was a big fan of face stalking.. unfortunately playing with facebook
left me unproductive for time and a little more stupider for actually reading
everyone else’s statuses


Information overload

I used to have a keen sense of downloading ‘cool stuff’.. not that the cool stuff ever progressed me
I mean it just sat there on my computer, while I moved on and downloaded other ‘cool stuff’
It’s safe to say, I don’t procrastinate with what I lesson or read anymore, because now I follow
a simple rule. If you don’t need it – don’t read it. Besides that my information is all collected
and organized now and I’ve developed focus..



Now I spend a short duration of my time mind-maping
and taking in new concepts. Mind mapping helps me generate
ideas, but better then that it helps me take notes for any audio-programs
I’m currently listening to.

Only reading/listening to what I need

I no longer suffer from information overload/procrastination.
Now I’ve got one singular folder where I keep the most important
files and most relevant things to my current situation. This gives me
focus and lets me get through what I need.


After realizing I need the internet for one thing (retrieving information)
I stopped treating it like a whore-house and begun adopting the simple approach,
only use what you need. Now I’ve got 10 book marks I use regularly and 4 tabs open at max.

Weird to think that 2 years ago I wouldn’t of ever thought about ‘
taking notes’ to seminarsor audio programs.. and how ridiculously weird it
would sound to make a mind-map, but now I realize how valuable it is
and how we’re all at different levels in our understanding and that’s exactly why some
people are more effective at what the do then others.


Action Machiner-izing

Action Machine is a time management application that incorporates a Timeboxing technique.
I run this little beauty in the background while I’m using my computer and it alerts me when my
goal timers finished – this way I know I’ve finished my daily (or computer) goals and done it for a set time.
Really awesome piece of software, I reccomend you all grab it if your planning on getting better with
your time.