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Image by – CaptPiper

I’ve personally struggled with the concept of learning..
I’ve sat there while my minds been off with the fairies
and after realizing how vital it  is to be a better learner
I’ve developed some concepts and techniques which have helped me.
Now I’ll share em’ with u guys 🙂

  1. Plan your learning first – If you can then decide how much time and energy your going to invest in what your about to learn. Then begin by setting out a schedule for the next few days – Decide when you’ll be listening and for how long.
  2. Be focused – Sometimes we miss relevant information because we’re busy day-dreaming about the party that’s happening tonight. It’s important to be present with your surroundings and with who is talking.
  3. Take notes – Make sure you take plenty of notes on what your listening to. If you don’t need them all you can throw away what you don’t need in the end and keep what’s important to you. Make sure you check out my other post on effective note taking. Side note: Taking notes in its self is useless your constantly going over that information to refresh your mind. Re-read the notes every 4 days or so to rejogg your memory
  4. Plan action steps – One thing which is vital (but rarely mentioned) when it comes to learning is executing the information you’ve learned (when possible) Once you have your key notes develop Actions you can take that day which will encorporate those notes.
  5. Quiz yourself – One of the most efficient ways of embodying what your learning and developing a genuine cognition for content is to quiz yourself. Think up some questions relevant to your topic and make some multiple answers – heres a nice piece of software to help you do just that PopQuiz
  6. Fix your sleeping cycles – You know those morning when you wake up and feel like you still feel half asleep and not barely functioning, yeh well those days will affect your motor-fuctions ..get your body clock is in order so your falling asleep at around 10PM and being awake at 8AM, that’ll improve your focus and demeanor.
  7. Learn the basics first – When learning something, make sure your starting at the CORE of what your meant to learn, after that everything just flows and comes together.. if you don’t need it then don’t read it.
  8. Keep everything structured and simple – Keep all of your notes tidy and in they’re own categories with they’re own keys.. later on you can aim to improve those keys by simplifying your notes and keeping the gold.
  9. Be Disciplined/Persistent – I know theres times when you might feel like relaxing or doing something else but PULL THROUGH with what your learning, because in the end you will be more cognitive and empowered.
  10. Ask questions – Only by asking questions can you let someone else know where your truly up to. Some people are afraid to speak out or they nodd they’re head even when they don’t understand a topic. By asking questions your letting your teacher/guide feel where your authentically up to, then they can help guide you to where you need to be.

So – what do you think? How have you improved your learning ability
in the passed? and did you use anything else not mentioned here?