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One of the things that’s so appealing about video games is making
your character gangsta. It’s like when your playing
San-andreas and CJ starts as this
lame scrawny little gangster

then turns into a full-blown thugg

One of the fun parts of gaming is turning your character into a hero or and building
up your level or reputation – whether it’s saving more money or turning your city
into something awesome. It’s almost always about progression.

Which got me thinking.. people play video games because they’re entertaining
and fun and in the end you get something for your pay offs – like a new Item a new level a new look..

But almost certainly there is some type of level system there to show your progress.

The thing about life is that we can have all of these things if we choose to
discipline ourselves and move-forward (going up levels)

Miltownkid over at http://www.pwninglife.com/ is all about self-development
and the website is for avid gamers.

I was thinking to myself.. if life had some sort of ‘level system’ like it does
in games, then maybe people would be more eager for the ‘pay off’.

If there was some way to log your progression
maybe you would be more inspired to
achieve those results.. for example:

Health Level: (Current level)
100 push ups a day for a week = Level 1
120 push ups a day for a week = Level 2
300 push ups a day for a week = Level 3
500 push ups a day for a week = Level 4

And in each day you could input your numbers and
aim to improve your ‘Level Experience’

Maybe this way people would stop looking to play
games to develop a character and transmute that energy into
improving themselves?

Video games are awesome at emerging you into a fantasy world
where you can see beautiful things like scenery..

But the thing about life is that if you spent that time in the outside world
working on your real self you can see those things for real.

I believe gamers need a source to transmute that energy into real life progression
and passion.. cuz as hot as you think that character is in the game.. trust me
they probably ain’t so fine in real life.

What do you guys think about creating an application
which defines a leveling system for all your personal
improvement? would you use it? would it inspire you?