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A couple of months ago I found myself thinking about all the
negative habits I’d developed over the years
and how my body (and mind) could
really go for some fixing up.

As I was browser beating the crap out of my google chrome to help me find
a solution for fixing my habits I found a really awesome and free application –

This program helps you to develop new habits and the way it works
is by adopting a new trial habit. For 30 days your goal should be to
follow a newly designed habit and stick with it.

If you fail to follow your habit on any given day you need to restart it from
the very beginning. This way habits are formed and they become automatic.

The good thing about forming positive habits is that research shows a
direct link between self-esteem and forming goals/habits.

For anyone who really wants to improve they’re self-esteem and
form good habits I suggest you check out the following link:
“Improve Self Esteem By Creating Habits”

Check out HabitualApp.com – Click Here