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So I’ve had some time to consider what’s important in life
and what I’ll need to do in order to live the fulfilling life I Imagine.

I’ve realized that life is a precious gift and unfortunately most of us
of us walk through it in a type of walking daze unconsciously
we allow our minds to  fill up with a heap of junk like
unwarranted conclusions, false generalizations,
unidentified wishes, doubts and fears
all thrown together by chance.

If you want to develop into a stronger person you have to
live your life consciously and define your actions.

I’ve made this guide to put you on the right path to doing that.
It will help you select the characteristics you want to embody
and how to develop them until they become a part of you.

List of characteristics to build into your personality


Select 5
that are
you right
now be honest    

From the list above, write down 5 characters that you currently are.
Now write down 5 characters that you want to be.

Have a look at the difference (this helps
you to get an idea how far off you may be
– you can also select the same characteristics
you are and want to be)

In my case I have illustrated in red is what I currently
am and in blue is what I want to develop into.






Now that you have established the top characteristics you want
to develop, it’s time to start browsing the top information available
to embody those characteristics.




The best ways to find knowledge is to browse sites like Amazon.

The Amazons’s book list is also good place but In my case I just searched for books on the topic of confidence.

The book I selected has 4 and a half stars and is rated by 60 users which is a awesome ratio.

Search for books with high star ratings and good reviews.

Rather then buying physical copies of books though I personally prefer to
get e-book versions if I can so that I can extrapolate the data in them and
flick back to sections at the click of a button.

Personal-development books aren’t meant to be read,
they are meant to be embodied. When you read a book
it’s like air traveling through your body, if you don’t
embody it’s contents then all the knowledge will escape you.
Knowledge without execution is useless.

Read, Translate, Define and DO. This is my repeat formula.
I know books, particularly psychology related/scientific
books can be quite hard to understand. The above book has
22,594 words so it’s very important to high-light what
is important to you.

Once you have obtained the golden nuggets of the text
the next step is to translate it. Convert the text (if it’s
difficult to get your head around) into terms which are
easier for you to understand. So you can flow through
it with ease. In my case I went through 5 pages or so
and translated it into this.


Self efficacy is something you will develop naturally
Self efficacy is known as the basic power of competence which comes with a healthy self-  esteem and self respect and the experience of having dignity and personal worth.
So how do we obtain a healthy self-esteem, self respect, dignity and personal worth?

To be efficacious is to be capable of producing a desired result. Confidence in our basic efficacy is confidence in our ability to learn what we need to learn and do what we need to do in order to achieve our goals. Self-efficacy is not the conviction that we can never make an error. It is the conviction that we are able to think, to judge, to know- and to correct our errors. It is trust in our mental processes and abilities. (our facilities)

Once you have translated the text into your own understanding
the next process is to turn the text into something actionable.

The statement:

“To be efficacious is to be capable of producing a desired result.”

Becomes: Today I will trust in my ability to learn
and do the things I would normally avoid – if  I make
an error I can trust my facilities to fix it.

So again –>

  • Today I will do the things I would normally avoid – if  I make
    an error I can trust my facilities to fix it.

Write at least three actions for you to do every day and do them!
only by doing them can we make the knowledge in the book a part of
our character and embody the true meaning of the book.