The difference between now and then (Time spent on the computer)


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I was looking at my desktop today thinking.. damnn that shit is spanking clean
, not even one out of place Icon and it’s weird, cuz trust me in the passed I had
shit everywhere and my use of ‘effective’ time consisted of jumping between
Youtube and Facebook so taking a look at the difference between now and then
is pretty important in logging my differences:


World of warcraft

Yes I’ll admit it, I had a secret dark obsession.. when no one knew
me as I was in real life I would come home and play world of warcraft
with my character Exoticbowjob although this days are gone – I can
never get back the hours worth of productivity I lost playing this game


Besides having over 300 bookmarked paged (which I’d never visit)
I used to have 8+ browser windows open at any given time.. I used
to think that I’d be more effective at browsing if I viewed other stuff
while the pages loaded or something.. Anyway, now at most I have
4 browser tabs open in Google Chrome and only 10 bookmarks
which I visit frequently.



When it comes to Facebook I used to be the biggest status slut, now I mean I’d be on there
updating my status every few days, commenting on other peoples status
and just waiting till that notification hit 1, I loved the social interactions
and I was a big fan of face stalking.. unfortunately playing with facebook
left me unproductive for time and a little more stupider for actually reading
everyone else’s statuses


Information overload

I used to have a keen sense of downloading ‘cool stuff’.. not that the cool stuff ever progressed me
I mean it just sat there on my computer, while I moved on and downloaded other ‘cool stuff’
It’s safe to say, I don’t procrastinate with what I lesson or read anymore, because now I follow
a simple rule. If you don’t need it – don’t read it. Besides that my information is all collected
and organized now and I’ve developed focus..



Now I spend a short duration of my time mind-maping
and taking in new concepts. Mind mapping helps me generate
ideas, but better then that it helps me take notes for any audio-programs
I’m currently listening to.

Only reading/listening to what I need

I no longer suffer from information overload/procrastination.
Now I’ve got one singular folder where I keep the most important
files and most relevant things to my current situation. This gives me
focus and lets me get through what I need.


After realizing I need the internet for one thing (retrieving information)
I stopped treating it like a whore-house and begun adopting the simple approach,
only use what you need. Now I’ve got 10 book marks I use regularly and 4 tabs open at max.

Weird to think that 2 years ago I wouldn’t of ever thought about ‘
taking notes’ to seminarsor audio programs.. and how ridiculously weird it
would sound to make a mind-map, but now I realize how valuable it is
and how we’re all at different levels in our understanding and that’s exactly why some
people are more effective at what the do then others.


Action Machiner-izing

Action Machine is a time management application that incorporates a Timeboxing technique.
I run this little beauty in the background while I’m using my computer and it alerts me when my
goal timers finished – this way I know I’ve finished my daily (or computer) goals and done it for a set time.
Really awesome piece of software, I reccomend you all grab it if your planning on getting better with
your time.


Tips in Nutritious eating (for muscle gain)


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This year is going to be a fantastic year I walked passed the mirror today and realized oohhh shiiittt If my body is a temple then it’s time to open the front door and let all these visitors kneel at my alter AahAAggHHHHhhhHHHh..

..Alright so bit of an exaggeration but trust me it will happen.

Right now I’m undertaking Mark Ripptoe’s Starting Strength
which is a beginners program to mastering the core techniques of weight lifting.
While doing it I decided I’d discover a way to eat nutritiously to help me out  with my muscle gains
and I came across – Nice recipes with nutritional content prepared for post-workout.

Along with it there was an Audio program with a bunch of eating tips, I’ve extracted those tips and put them
here for anyone wanting to eat better.




  • 1) Feed every 2-3 hours

If we eat every 3-4 hours, not snacks but nutritious food.
It’ll begin to speed your metabolism rate and balances out
your hormonal responses. Hormones do a great job at
burning up muscle tissue and storing body fat.
(Counter intuitive I know)

Eat more often, get more leaner.


  • 2) Eat lean protein with each meal

Protein is like the wonder drug for building muscle (besides roids)
inside it you’ll find amino acids which are necessary for recovery,and building muscle mass

It also helps prevent catabolic hormones from breaking down your muscle.

You should eat 20 – 60g of protein in each meal.

How to tell:
Protein the size of your palm is roughly 30g of protein
Find a book on protein or macro-nutrient compositions.


  • 3) Eat vegetables each time

Vegetables are very rich in micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals)
Our diets are often missing out on nutrients and over the course of a lifetime
our bodies actually begin to break it’s self down to provide glutamine and calcium.
That’s why when we are older our bones get more rigid and we get ostio-perosis etc
To balance it out eat vegetables with each meal

Most recommended food: Spinach

  • 4) Eat carbs during and after exercise
    (Save Fibre and Starchy carbs until after the exercise that day)


  • 5) Eat healthy fats everyday

Saturated fats and omega 6’s go unbalanced in the diet – meaning
they compromise most of the diet people usually do. We block arteries
and cause inflimation along with a series of otherhealth problems.
We need more of 2 other types of fats to ensure a good health profile.
Modern saturated fat and Omega 3 acids


  • 6) Drink lots of Green tea/Water

Green tea has more health benefits than anything,
It helps to balance out health sugar, helps to prevent cancer,
heart disease and diabetes and a bunch of other stuff.
Replace soda, fruit juice, coke etc – Drink green tea and water instead
or try flavored waters during your transition to drink healthier.


  • Eat whole foods instead of just supplements

By ONLY taking suppliments, energy bars, energy drinks, pills etc.
You are ignoring the natural benefits you’d get by eating those foods normally.
Always ensure you eat the whole food first and do not replace it with supplements
(Supplements are an extra once you have a good eating diet)


9) Plan ahead

Absolutely critical,
plan ahead and prepare your meals in advance.



10) Eat a wide variety of food

Don’t just try to replace your meal with Salmon or some ‘Mega food’,
instead balance out your diet with all types of foods
to provide nutrition in each area.



  • Eat every 2 – 3 hours
  • Eat protein with each feed.
  • Eat vegetables each time – Spinach most recommended
  • Eat healthy fatsFeel free to break the rules 10% of the time
  • Plan all the foods ahead
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Replace soda, fruit juice, coke etc out of nutritional plan –
    Drink green tea and water instead
  • Take fish-oil (omega 3 – fatty)

My goals for 2011


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I’ve been studying Brian Tracy’s self help program called no excuses which is all about developing self discipline.
During the first 30 minutes of the program it outlines to set some goals for where you want to be at the ultimate end game in life..

The only problem for me is that I needed to be thinking about my current situation and the pre-requisites I need before I hit that
end game.. so for the passed 3 days I’ve been doing Brian tracy’s other program called The maximum achievement – goal planner
The purpose is to develop clarity in your vision and align you were you need to be. The program goes for exactly 31 days where each day you outline your major goal and then and then at least 3 things your going to do during the day to move you closer toward it.

After 31 days your goal planning is meant to turn into a habit and your ability to move toward your goals along with it.

Here is a list of my goals for 2011

I will make 40k this year and save all of it for investments

  • Receive white-card for construction
  • To develop a self-discipline and the mind sets involved with saving money
  • To earn at least $300 per week
  • To save at least $200 per week
  • To begin creating alternative sources of income
  • Read Rich dad poor dad
  • Read the richest man in babylon
  • Read Harv Eker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Read Robert RingerTim Ferriss – 4 hour Work Week

To begin mastering my emotions so that the way I am behaving in the short-term is congruent with the vision I have of myself in the long term and continuously disciplining myself to not act in any other way:

  • To keep my mind present with my surroundings
  • To contribute value into peoples lives each and every day
  • To stop seeking the approval of others and maintain the approval of myself
  • To be more emotionally reciprocating and open toward other peopleTo be more understanding toward other peoples emotions and situations
  • to internalize and work through conflicts
  • Readiness to provide emotional support
  • Develop sensitivity to others feelings
  • To always look for the positive in other people
  • To stop holding grudges and begin adopting the mind set of letting bygones be bygones
  • To stop regretting the past and begin living in the present, looking to the future
  • “Learn “Anthony Robbins – Ultimate Relationship Program”

I will develop the core of self efficiency/mastery skills for my own personal effectiveness things like setting Goals, Being Productive, Organizing my Time- management, my motivation, self- discipline, overcoming procrastination, developing positive habits, organizing, problem- solving, decision- making, intelligence

  • To be 30% more active in each day compared to my average passive days
  • To practice the art of self-discipline and use my emotional intelligence to help me overcome any forms of resistance
  • To finish at least 5 action-steps each day and set new goals
  • To organize all of my life and work as needed
  • To practice being decisive
  • To finish Eban Pagan’s Wake up Productive
  • To work on problems around the house and develop positive solutions
  • To finish the program getting things done
  • To work on my time management skills
  • To read motivational quotes within each day

Tips: How to take notes


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When it comes to audio programs or reading books I seem
to have this amazing ability of alowing my head to drift into auto-pilot mode ..
which means while the words I read do enter my head they never take any
precedence over the future conversations I’m having with girls in my head.. I drift off

To tackle this problem, I developed a simple solution:

Note Taking

Note taking is really important because a lot of audio programs
now days are filled with irrelevant and repeated information
(to fill the content) unfortunately this leaves us sitting there thinking
‘Okay,so when does the actual content start??’ before
realizing OH SHIT THISS IS THE CONTENNT!! (quietly sneaking up on you)

Here are my tips and rules on note taking:

Jot down 80% of what you learn, but keep 30%

No one actually knows what they’re in for we all have to walk into
ambiguity/weirdness or incompletion at some point in our lives
and create meaning out of it because the informations never self-evident.

The trick to making something out of nothing is jotting down 80% of what you take in
and then going back over those notes and taking 30% of what’s left.

In the end you end up with condensed information which tailored to what you need to learn.

Hit the fast forward button (audio programs)

If your using windows media player, you can right click the screen > go to Play speed settings and drag
the cursor up to 1.4 or 2.0. This will increase your play back time and allow you skip all the fluff talk.
Note: In VLC Playback > Faster

Drop Audio book marks

In VLC Player there is an option to drop book on your file. This is mostly useful for single and long audio files
rather then split files and it lets you go back over any points of interest you might want to listen to or write down
at a later date (if your feeling lazy)

Note: For Windows Media Player you can download the free plugin by Catena Logic called
My media book-marks

Use Wiki on a stick

If you jot down a lot of your information on the computer like I do
then you’ll find value in keeping your own information in the one
place. Wiki on a stick is like your own personal Wikipedia, It can run
off your thumb drive making it useful in any remote locations
and it can store images using using HTML

Grab it for free from

Use Mind Mapping software

Sometimes it can be really helpful to jot notes down in a visual form
to help you collect ‘the whole image’ in one place. A sick piece of software is
Mind Jet, Mind manager pro.

You can grab the trial from

Review your information

Finally go over all your compiled information every 3 days. This will help to refresh your
memory with new insights and ways of being. If you don’t go over your compiled information
you’ll eventually forget to internalize it and It’ll be ineffective.

Final summary:

  • Collect 80% of what you learn, throw away 30%
  • Fast forward your play speed to get through all the content quicker
  • Use Audio Bookmarks to restore your sessions and go over content
  • Use personal wiki to collect information
  • Create a Mind-map to visually explore your information

Personal notes on my progression:

Until last year of going through lots of content and realizing that I was being ineffective with the content I ‘learned’
I had no idea about note taking, mind maping or personal wikipedias. It’s only through my friends and trial/error
that I learned that laying on the bed listening to something or reading a book without a sketchpad/laptop was in effective
until last year I had no idea of the benefits of note taking.

Final notes: Cognition is perception, awareness and knowledge of whats is really happening around you. If other people choose to be ignorant – let them. You ACCEPT cognition of the truth. If you want to have power over life, you have to perceive it. Otherwise you are ignorant & powerless of what is happening and living life passively. Note taking is cognition, Be cognitive.

Amusing ourselves to death


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The comic is by a dude called Stuart Mcmillen,
the part which interests me is the part about entertainment..
Entertainment really manages to only fuck you up in the long run, it might not
‘hide the truth’ from you but it will distract you from what you need to
be doing for yourself. An online friend called Smace taught me this.

He is the reason why I started this blog and he introduced me to some very important concepts on
money and  Self discipline, along with introducing me to the program No Excuses.

I had begun an audio program by Brian Tracy called – No excuses. I went at
it for a bit but didn’t have the self-discipline and focus to continue.

Now I’m going to get right back on stage because as Brian Tracy says in his program.

“You can achieve almost any goal you set for yourself if you have the discipline to pay the price to do what you need to do and never give up.”

That’s it in a nutshell – Self-Discipline + Persistence = long term success
I’m not going to lie.. it’s going to be a hard journey for me to make but if that’s what it
takes to be a success then that’s the difficult venture I’m prepared to take. Every pitfall is a lesson but every comfort-zone your prison.. lol lame.. I guess I’ll have to work on those

Amusing ourselves to death
by Stuart Mcmillen

First blog post!


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Well here we go! the very first blog entryy, pretty exciiting stuff..

A bit about myself, well I’m an Australian. Currently aged at 21..
and I won’t lie! at the moment there are a few things in my life that
are whack and out of place, money, relationships, health and all the rest..
but I think too many people (including myself) sit back all the time and don’t
actually get around to fixing these problems. This is my own personal blog,
this is the tool I will be using over the next few years to take a look at myself
and see how far I’ve come and how much more of a better person I’ve turned into.

If there is value to be found in my blog then I’m happy to share it. The only rules
I (currently) have on my blog is to remain as honest with myself as possible..

what that means is that I’m not going to be preaching some text book advice I’ve
discovered just because it sounds good but rather because it is something which
is at my core and has been internalized. This blog to me is about being real, and
sharing a real personal development with others.

All the best to everyone else out there, have a happy 2011 🙂